Elegant and natural

Wool is elegant, has a luxurious appearance and offers great comfort. It is a unique, strong natural product and by using it we do not extract anything from nature. The wool comes from grass-fed sheep from New Zealand and Europe. Wool from New Zealand is of a finer quality: the wool is whiter and therefore guarantees vibrant and bright colours. European wool is slightly coarser and less white, which is used to create the typical wool colours.

The five benefits of wool

•comfort and durability
•easy to maintain


Interior is subject to fashion. Tastes change, new opportunities arise and designers continuously create new products. Our designers take into account the fact that carpets and rugs last for years. These should have a degree of timelessness, yet always remain  contemporary. That aspect plays an important role in our four collections: Nature, Pure, Royal and Rugs.

Colours, colours, colours

Colour is a major factor in determining the ambience, so there is a great deal of freedom in this respect. In addition to more than 40 patterns, we have selected 35 colours, allowing you to combine endlessly. From simple to complex. In consultation there are many more possibilities. This way you design carpets and rugs yourself. Thanks to the low minimum production volume of 100m2, you are very free in the applications of carpets and rugs. Best Wool Carpets gives your creativity free rein.



 stylish simplicity

The Nature collection includes traditional and pure wool carpets and rugs.

 You will find what you are looking for in the Nature collection. The qualities are made of European and undyed wool, creating an ecological and minimalistic ambience. This collection enhances the appearance of stylistic interiors. The carpets are distinctly elegant. You will feel completely at home with the Nature collection under your feet.



 warm luxury

The Pure collection has a modern and luxurious appearance, creating a comfortable and warm ambience.

All qualities within this collection are made of New Zealand wool. The striking elegance forms the perfect base for a variety of styles and tastes. Floor coverings from this collection with a higher pile feel softer, which you really notice. The Pure collection has many colour options and combinations. This allows you to make your home even more personal. Moreover, it lends itself perfectly to making tailored fashionable rugs.



natural perfection

The Royal collection embodies the ultimate luxury on the floor.

 Everyone's attention is inevitably drawn to the qualities of this collection. This ultimate luxury on the floor approximates natural perfection. We have opted for white colours, available in thirteen textures. The floor covering is made exclusively from the best New Zealand wool, which you can tell from its luxurious appearance.

This is a high-end carpet. You will find the Royal collection in trendy and stylish living rooms, comfortable bedrooms and beautiful yachts. Imagine having a Royal carpet in your house: an unsurpassed feeling of luxury.



statement with character

Rugs play an increasingly prominent role in interiors. On the one hand they make a statement, on the other hand they add to the ambience, warmth and colour of a room. It's a boost for a wooden, stone, concrete or laminate floor and improves the acoustics tremendously. A rug from the Rugs collection can be tailor-made.

You can make a selection from all the variants of all carpet collections of Best Wool Carpets, so that your rug exactly matches your interior. Every rug has a leather, felt, cotton, linen or woollen thread edge finish. You can choose what you like. These are all natural products, as this combines perfectly with wool. You can design and order your rug in the shop.



Origin of the wool

To comply with our quality requirements, we work exclusively with European and New Zealand wool. The wool from New Zealand is of a higher quality. The wool is purer, which can be given a brighter colour. European wool is more off-white and duller, giving it a more authentic and ecological appearance. The differences are due to the climate where the sheep live and the food the animals eat.



An abundance of sheep and a strong tradition of wool production techniques have made New Zealand the largest wool exporter in the world. The unique wool from New Zealand is 100% natural and of consistent quality. And because the wool is exceptionally light, it can be dyed in bright colours as desired.

Due to the grease (lanolin) in the wool, the products are naturally soil-resistant. For our most luxurious carpets and rugs, we use this special wool. The refined wool is pure, making it particularly suitable for the manufacture of high-quality carpet with a natural appearance.



Wool is durable and retains its specific appearance with proper maintenance: regular vacuuming, preferably with a rotating brush, so that the dirt is properly removed and the wool is brushed. As with woollen clothes, this floor cover naturally repels any dirt and any creases disappear thanks to its natural elasticity.

It is important for you to know that any possible stains can be easily removed. If there is a stain, dab it gently with a dry white towel, without rubbing, so that the residual dirt is removed from the floor covering. Then place a clean, wet, white towel on the stain. Press this onto the floor covering and then wait until the towel is completely dry. This way, the entire stain disappears. Do not use salt or chemical cleaning agents, as that damages the dye.


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