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To live, enjoy, sleep, love, have parties and lie down in a distinct interior makes life more beautiful. Carpet under your feet creates warmth, ambience, comfort and individual style. This is how beautiful floor covering makes a difference to your interior.

Best Wool Carpets responds to interior design trends and prefers to create trends itself. There are many colours and structures to choose from and they deliver from stock. This allows them to offer you the option of a richer life.

Best Wool Carpets in pictures

Best Wool Carpets specialises in developing and manufacturing carpet made of wool. We export worldwide and are a reliable supplier with a good reputation among our customers. Many years of experience in producing for international brands and many other clients ensures that we know exactly what people and businesses want. You'll get to know us better in our video.





Rugs collection – statement with character


Rugs play an increasingly prominent role in interiors. On the one hand they make a statement, on the other hand they add to the ambience, warmth and colour of a room. It's a boost for a wooden, stone, concrete or laminate floor and improves the acoustics tremendously. A rug from the Rugs collection can be tailor-made.


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